The Bainbridge Marathon could use a little help

Steve Bennett

Due to circumstances both fortunate and not so, much of my support for this race has de-materialized.  The Bainbridge race would appreciate the gift of time this coming Saturday at Fay Bainbridge, from anyone who has a little to spare. 


Specifically, it would be great to have a pair of paddlers to take the slow lane in a double, to hang with the slower boats.  I can provide a couple of good double kayaks for you.


Also, someone to take the times at the finish, perhaps with Traci’s new I-pad system.


And someone to help tend the soup pots, collect the money, and keep me company until they start arriving..  . 


And if anyone has a powerboat to accompany our racers, that’d be really great too.  We can pay for gas, if you’re not a full-on yacht.


Also, be aware all, that Faye Bainbridge is no longer  a state park and  a Discover Pass is not necessary.


Thank you all,   

Steve Bennett