[surfski] Race timing/organizing Software

Laura Jackson

At the other end of the spectrum are products like RegattaMaster ($329). (see www.regattamaster.com)

This PC-based product is designed around managing rowing events, from a small time-trial event, on up to Nationals with over 100 heats and finals and 1000+ competitors. It can track data over multiple regattas (such as national membership numbers, liability waivers, racer's age) and even do event entry fees by person. It can do seedings, and for events with heats and finals, it can automate the progression and lane assignment per the protocol for the event. I've used the product a number of times, and as the finish line person and race results manager, I can say that it does everything I need except make me coffee!

I'm currently working with the designers of the product to develop a sprint kayak module and explore potential customization for other sports (e.g. events with a broad array of rowing and paddling, outrigger races, etc.)

Laura Jackson

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