Split ferry commuter book for Shaw


Anybody interested in splitting the frequent user book for Anacortes
to Shaw ferry run? Car and driver fare is $39.60, a book of 5 round
trips is $109.90, so if we find three people, we're in business. The
books have to be bought in Anacortes, so we would have to make
arrangements on how to pass the coupons to each other. Either we all
show up for the same boat, or the first person can leave the unused
coupons somewhere and notify the rest where "somewhere" is (this
worked last year, right, Michael?).

I am looking at taking the 5:45 boat (on Friday), but, to guarantee
that I make the boat, I will be there early enough for the 2:45 boat,
and take that one if I am lucky.

No arrangements are needed for the return trip because you only have
to pay Westbound.