Round Shaw Sound Rowers Race - please register today

carrie weisse

If you are racing at Shaw this weekend and haven't registered please do so today (Wednesday, Aug 3). We will be printing the list of racers this evening as we leave for Anacortes in the morning.  We need everyone to use the form at to sign up as that will give us emergency contact information and allows faster reporting of race results.

If you are going to Shaw but not racing we could use some help to log completion times during the race.

I made a "There be dragons" PowerPoint for issues and suggestions for the Shaw race.  I emailed it to folks that were signed up as of today (Aug 3) at 3pm.  I also attached it to this email.  If you have other issues racers should know about please let me know.

If you have any questions please email me at weisse_hse@... or call 425-232-7858.

Thanks so much for your help with this request. Emoji

Carrie Weisse
Shaw race co-director (with Herb Weisse)