My Maas Aero Stolen this am

Debbie Natelson

Heads up if you notice anyone/any ad trying to sell a Maas Aero -- open ater rowing shell -- mine! :((  

Stolen around 4am this am.... creeps stole a commercial Fire Safety Inc van and have been prowling up and down alleys of North on robbing spree.  Neighbor  though their activity suspicious and sent out a video clip. To my horror, I saw what looked like my surfski or shell on top of  the bandit van!

Deb's Maas Aero
Older model, around yr 2000.   White with grey stripe edging on decking. .
serial number XBQ21483B000.
Note:  that last "B" might be an 8 or H.  Number was hand etched into hull, but right under railing. Hard to read.   Photo attached

There are many distinguishing  characteristics about boat that make it recognizable.  (a repair patch, some scratches, and hairline surface cracks on bottom).  Even a soft spot on bottom.
Paul did super repair job once on rigger as well -- but done so well, might not even be detectable. 

Despite its dings and cosmetic boo-boos, I I have been through so much with this beloved boat: Many SoundRowers races; 43 mile SanJuan Challenges, boat camping through the San Juans, Open Water Rowing Champs, and many crossings with huge waves crashing over my head -- all with the shell remaining sunnyside up, including, this year's super rough Great Cross Sound race which few dared to even attempt.  I loved that boat so. 

Please notify me if you see any new -- but old - Aero's for sale or on the water.  They stole the boat around 4am, right out of my yard.  I have the seat though, so good luck trying to sell it/row it without it .  Seat replaceable, but a well deserved challenge. 

Steve Wells and Storbs -- please take note if anyone inquiring about  used Aero or buying replacement seat.

I can send pics of boat once I dig through the jillions of SR pics, but wanted to send out this for immediate headsup.

Here's a link to hideous pic of me after GXS race , but shows at least top of the shell

Thanks all.  Lock up all your beloved boats, bikes, and toys,
Debbie Natelson