Local Adventure Racing Team Needs Three Person Kayak

Glenn/Cheryl ROGERS

We are a local adventure racing team called DART.  You can view our team information at http://www.dirtworld.com/races/Team/DART/ and click the links under DART on the left column.  In most races, boats are provided by the race.  All boats are the same and all teams must use the boat provided.  On the weekend of July 16-17 we will be racing in the Explore Ca Race at Lake Tahoe.  http://www.exploreca.com/raceschedule/laketahoe.php  This race has three teammates racing at any given time.  Unfortunately we have been unable to find a three person kayak.  Our alternative would be to use a single and a double which would be much slower.
Does anybody know where we could rent a three person kayak,  Or, does anybody have a kayak that they would be willing to rent?  We would need it from Thurs 7/14 until the 18th.  Our team all values our equipment and would treat your equipment well with the understanding that if we break it, we buy it.
Please contact me off list.
Glenn Rogers