FW a request: GXS partner needed

Jeff Knakal <jknakal@...>

I am a new SR member, and have recently been to a couple of races, and
I've been really excited about doing them. In fact I am going out of
the country this weekend, and arranged my travel around the race
tomorrow, but today my rowing partner (and the person with access to a
boat) bailed out on me...I was hoping you might know someone looking
for a double partner, as a long shot. If it doesn't work out, I might
come over to west Seattle and help out at the race anyway, but if you
hear of someone give me a shout. In case it is easier, my home # is 206

Robin Clark
Habitat Restoration Program Manager
People for Puget Sound
911 Western Ave., Suite 580
Seattle, WA 98104
office (206) 382-7005 x 209
cell (206) 235-3321