Free surf ski (in Seattle)

Eli Holmes

Free old Twogood Mako (I am guessing). 90s? Could be a base for a project, like a pedal boat? 29.4 pounds and quite narrow (like 17.5 in). Has some minor gel coat cracking, but no structural damage that I can see and I paddled it last week and it was fine. Has some staining on the bottom from being outside. Cables seem fine. Pedals are not adjustable. I have an in-seam of 30 inches and I can barely touch the pedals with my toe. I think you need a 33 inch in-seam.  This boat is not really practical as a surf ski as it is famously tough to paddle in surf/waves.  It'd be a fun flat water boat (if you can paddle a sprint kayak) or used as the base for a project like a pedal boat, say.