Commencement Bay Race Sat May 18

debbie natelson

Ready, Set, Commence
at Sound Rowers & Paddlers'
Commencement Bay Open Water Regatta

Saturday, May 18th  10 am

     9:15 pre-race meet

Headshaw Park (off of Rustin Way), Tacoma

This 6 miles triangular course provides great views of Tacoma's working waterfront
Course begins & ends at park, proceeds southeast towards the Puyallup River mouth (and some current), then south around a turn buoy, then back to park. 
See a great variety of large commercial, industrial, miliatary boats and operations.
Sometimes water flat, other times the northern winds spice it up.
As with all Sound Rowers events, race open to all Human Powed craft:  Rowing shells (fixed & sliding sea); kayaks/surfskis; Outrigger canoes/dugout canoes; SUP and Prone Paddleboards, DragonBoats.
Abiliity to self rescue in cold water, pfd, and whistle required.  (up to discretion of race director day of race whether pfds must be worn or just on boat.  We have a limited supply of loaner pfds, suitable for rowers.
For directions and more info:
Race Director: Todd Silver:  todd@...
If you're feeling energetic after your race -- you can row over to the last watarway to see the historic Kalakala -- before she sinks.  But prepare yourself emotioinally beforehand; she's beyond patina.  Still cool to see this relic of an era gone by.

Hope to see you in tacoma,
Debbie Nateslon