Sound Rowers' Hidden Gem - Elk River

Steve Bennett

Thanks for another great race, Jon. 

Friendly neighborhood, Interesting & Challenging Course, Tasty & sustainable prizes, Great camaraderie, Ribbons for nearly all, and only 10 bucks admittance!  How do you do it?

And for the quick posting of results. They came through for me on both venues.

Now, not to pick nits, but I believe the Epic V-10 Sport is at the high end of the FSK spectrum, not in the SK class. Recognition of that would upgrade Tom and Bryce's ribbons to red and blue, perhaps  kindle a continuing rivalry between the two,  and return a little respect to the oft neglected SK class.

As the  long-time keeper of the widely adopted SR boat classifications and a man of integrity and class, Tom would surely never raise the issue.  But I'm pretty sure that, like me, he's finding these late-career ribbons nearly as sweet as our first ones. 

We do feel your pain, Tom.
              Color me red.

Again, thanks again for pretty great day,