Lake Samish

Michael Lampi

Great write-up, Reivers! I truly wish I could have been at the race. Unfortunately, I was in NYC getting off a cruise ship (working, not playing) and onto an airplane to fly home. I think you folks had more fun!

I *did* send in a substitute photographer: my wife. Her photos are being posted to the Sound Rowers web site even as I write this.

Regardless, you can send Hilde's photos to me and I would be happy to post them.

Best regards,

Michael Lampi

Reivers Dustin

Just a kick to have so many racers.  Kelowna rocks.  I'm going to need some splashy waves to get over that flat water woopin laid on by some of my fellow old barnacles.  There were ten of us that broke the one hour barrier.  Hilde took a bunch of photo's and I noticed the absence of our Soundrower photo journalist.  Who can I send these photos to? 

There was a young lady in a K-1 in same pack as me.  Don't know who she was, but fought like a tiger the whole race.  She powered by when I got tangled up with an OC-2 and never saw her again.  Also never saw DeMow, Tony, Duncan, John George ... my pack abandoned me.  Me and MG ended up clawing our way through weed-love for a while.  What the heck with weeds out in the middle like that?  Somebody sprinkle some random greenery out there?  Hilde got a great shot of a four seat rower getting totally hammered in the duck weeds.  haha, feel the love baby. 

One great help for the start sequence was Peter doing crowd control before the start line.  His native Public Address system helped stage up quite a few who were a tad bit befuddled.  But even so, maybe we have to assign a Valet for DeMow.  And did someone specifically tell Tony that there was a swim leg?  That almost slowed him down enough for me to stay with him.  New rule:  anyone over 12 that's faster than me must get off the boat mid-race and check the rudder for weeds.  Uh.  maybe over 6.  There were some awesome kids out there.  Wish we could do this race twice a year.  Good stuff Steve S. and crew.  The jewel in the crown you guys.  Just need some kind of a wave machine.