[SoundRowers_Board] Dec. 3rd Sound Rowers & Paddlers Annual meeting


Chiming in to answer a couple of Jeff's questions:

2.  Also, does Webscorer have a setting that permits the listing of full names in a 4x if not a dragon boat?

I looked into this a while back, and there is a deliberate hard limit on the number of characters in a name so the results will display on a single line. So we have to work within those limits. 

4.  Does the waiver in webscorer preclude written waivers?  

Several of us have asked this, but no lawyers have stepped in with a definitive answer. Would be nice to eliminate some paper...


Thanks Tyler.  I have some general questions.

1.  For Budd Inlet, I noticed only mild interest by outrigger canoe paddlers relative to the potential number of oc1/oc2 paddlers, even though PNWORCA had no events on that weekend.  I suspect two likely issues: 
    A.  Race fatigue--too many races in too few weekends from mid-August thru mid October.  or
    B.  Sound Rowers' publicity efforts just didn't excite the outrigger community enough to drive down to Olympia.  Maybe A. overrode our efforts?

2.  Also, does Webscorer have a setting that permits the listing of full names in a 4x if not a dragon boat?

3.  How many rowing friendly PFD's do we still have? 

4.  Does the waiver in webscorer preclude written waivers? 

Jeff W.

On Thursday, November 3, 2016 7:41 AM, "Tyler Peterson teaspoon5150@... [SoundRowers_Board]" wrote:

It's that time of year again.  The Sound Rowers and Paddlers annual meeting is fast approaching (Dec. 3 @ 10:00).  Attached you will find the preliminary agenda for the meeting.  Please review it and contact me within the next 2 weeks if there are items that you feel need to be added. 

Please also consider volunteering/ nominating someone/ nominating yourself for an officer position with Sound Rowers & Paddlers.  Many of the officers and board members have been in positions longer than they would like to admit and are more than happy to have new people get involved.  The time commitment is limited and we can work with you to make sure you know all that is needed to be successful.  There may also be the opportunity to take over for a retiring race director and you can have the opportunity to manage a race!   

The race schedule dates are being submitted to Don Kiesling by the  race directors and will be included on the final draft of the agenda sent out about a week prior to the meeting.

The meeting this year will again be at the Lake Washington Rowing Club in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle 10 AM on Saturday December 3rd.  910 North Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103, Second floor.

I welcome your feedback and look forward to all being involved.


Tyler Peterson
Sound Rowers & Paddlers President