Lake Samish Race photos now online

Michael Lampi

Steve Scoggins directed quite a great race yesterday up on Lake Samish.

A new record was placed yesterday as to the number of photos taken by me - over 1800!

No, I did not post all 1800 photos online as a bunch didn't make the cut. Still, I feel the remaining 1300 are too many to have in a single album so I split it into two pieces.

There first album is everything from pre-race through all of the race starts. This includes the Kids Race which has some special coverage.

The second album has everything I took after leaving the Kids Race through the awards ceremony.

As always, if you want the original photo or if you think there might be another photo that you might want that didn't get put on the web and there is a gap in the photo numbering where you might be in a shot before or after that sequence, just send me an e-mail.


P.S. Due to a technical glitch the directory names might not be quite correct for a few minutes. If so, try again later.

P.P.S. I think I also set a new record for pedal boats on the extended course, breaking my old record by 20 seconds or so.