Budd Inlet Race Course Length

Tom Kreyche

Thanks to the Budd Inlet organizers – great race today - and thanks to the weather gods for making it a bit more of an open water race!


I just wanted to point out (after checking my GPS trace) that the Gull Harbor turn was placed about .38 mile North of the stated position. This made the course about 8.75 miles long instead of 8.0 miles. This threw off my navigation a bit but we quickly sorted things out.


Turn stated position: 47° 6’ 43.58” N, 122° 53’ 50.49” W

My measured position:  47° 7'3.2"N, 122°53'46.4"W


If anyone has different measurements let me know – I’d be happy to share my GPS trace as a Google Earth KML file – see attached for an image of the turn and my trace.


…Tom Kreyche