race photography


Thanks to Michael Lampi's hard work, we are looking at consolidating all SR photography on the same server as our web pages.  If anyone has time or interest to test the new location, your help would be appreciated.  Mainly looking to see that 1. the photos are present, and 2. the response time is reasonable.

How to view them in their new location?  Open any of the photography sets from the main website ( http://soundrowers.org/Photography.aspx ) and replace "soundrowersphoto.org/photography" in the URL to "soundrowers.org/racePhotos".

For example, the recent Bellingham photos were originally posted here: http://soundrowersphoto.org/photography/2015/Bellingham%20Bay/index.html

The new location is: http://soundrowers.org/racePhotos/2015/Bellingham%20Bay/index.html