Lake Sammamish 2014 Race Results and THANKS to our volunteers!

Michael Lampi


I wish to thank everyone who helped out at this year's Lake Sammamish Race to make it a great success:
Steve Wells, who now is getting to be pretty close to being an expert in Webscorer wrangling at registration and helped with the timing and with handing out the awards;
Debbie Natelson, who handled registration;
Ray McQuin who helped haul a bunch of cinder blocks to and from the beach, hang the banner, inflated a buoy and crewed a safety boat and took a bunch of great photos;
Paul Rollinger, who also helped haul blocks to and from the beach, helped place some buoys, and helped with the timing;
Kate Lampi, who helped with the food shopping, hauling, food preparation, and serving;
Max Lampi, who helped with food preparation, inflated a buoy and miscellaneous tasks;
Shane Baker, who lent his stove and his services in setting things up and tearing them down after the race;
Terrie Baker, who helped taking even more excellent photos and various tasks (anti-crow duty!);
Lake Washington Rowing Club who lent us the use of their highly visible buoys;
Traci Cole, who put together the whole Webscorer setup that made preregistration possible along with making timing the two simultaneous races a breeze.

In addition, I would like to thank Joe Decuir, Jim Mackey and Craig Renfrow and his wife, who provided such excellent safety boat and buoy planting and retrieval services.

I'm sure I've forgotten other folks who helped out, too, but their contributions were greatly appreciated! There is no way that this race would have gone so smoothly or as well without the assistance of everyone who helped out.

Here are some random statistics about the event:

Random Statistics

Percentage of racers being SR members 73.81%
SR members in Long Course 70.83%
SR members in Short Course 77.78%

Ratio of Juniors to others 0.00%
Men in Long Course 95.83%
Men in Short Course 61.11%
Boats in Long Course 22
Boats in Short Course 16
Boats in Long vs. Short 57.89%
DNFs 0 boats
DNS (did not start) 0 boats

People overall in race 42
People per boat (overall) 1.11
People per boat (long) 1.09
People per boat (short) 1.13
Person-miles traveled in race 434.40
Avg. speed of fastest Long finisher 7.51 mph
Avg. speed of fastest Short finisher 7.40 mph
Avg. speed of last Long finisher 5.34 mph
Avg. speed of last Short finisher 4.12 mph

Safety Boats on course 2
Rolls of duct tape depleted 0.5
Cases of chili consumed 3

I hope to see you next year!

Michael Lampi
Lake Sammamish Race 2014