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An exciting new effort to introduce youth to rowing. 

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Is this something you would post in the Sound Rowers yahoo message list?

There is lots of excitement about getting the program going.


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Subject: DICK'S Sporting Goods Grant

Hello Renton MC Members,

    I have very exciting news we (Renton Rowing Center) have been selected to participate in a new and exciting initiative called Sports Matter. The Sports Matter initiative aims to raise awareness of the youth sports crisis for teams facing financial limitations. DICK’s Sporting Goods will provide up to $2 million in matching via a new crowdfunding platform to teams across the country.
About the event:
The online giving campaign runs from April 17th – May 23rd. This allows us five weeks to raise half of our targeted amount of $15,000. The catch is we only get funding if we hit half our goal of $7,500. All donations must be made through the online giving website given below. The Renton Rowing Center is 1 of 75 teams selected to participate in this program and 1 of only 2 teams in Washington State!
What we need from you:
Spread the word about our efforts to improve access to youth rowing
As a member of the Management Committee I am hoping that you will help to act as an ambassador to our fundraising efforts. Your number one responsibility is simply to tell people about the impact of rowing and what it can mean for those in our community, especially youth. We will make sure you are informed on the latest program developments and plans for future growth. 
Encourage others to take action!
We want our entire community to understand the value of widespread access to youth rowing.

o   Sign-up for our newsletter
o   Join us at community events
o   Like us on Facebook
o   Volunteer
o   Check out our website
o   Follow us on Twitter & Instagram
You are essential to our success! Please contact Courtney at info@... or call 425.221.8647 with any questions. Thank you again!



Courtney Moeller