B'ham Bay rough wtr race

Reivers Dustin

We're expecting actual rough water for the race this morning.  It should be our typical 25mph from South.  The shape of the course puts us downwind in the outside (more exposed) leg and along shore going upwind.  The waves will be less going along shore.  There's maybe a 1/4 mile stretch from the dry-dock to the Post Point buoy we are exposed to big conditions from the left-front quarter.  Peter is a seasoned race director and will look at the racers as well as the conditions - he's short-coursed us before when it's iffy.  For newer paddlers with limited rough water experience there's no points off for turning around and being first to get cookies and coffee. 


Link to local wind/weather.  The most representative wind gauge is "locust beach" which I notice was not recording when I sent this message.  There's a slick looking animation called "TJ's Wind Model" 1/2 way down the left side. (You'll have to study the islands to get oriented)  ....