Rower Body Double Needed for Video


Could be somebody's big break!


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From: Vanessa Eng <vanessarocks@...>
Subject: Rower Body Double Needed for Video
Date: August 28, 2013 10:23:49 AM PDT

Hello Don,

My name is Vanessa Eng & I am working for a Seattle-based video production company called World Famous.  I got your contact info from the Sound Rowers website.  I hope you are the correct person to reach out to.  We are shooting a video starring a rower (he's a sculler) but we will have a limited amount of time with this person on our shoot days.  Therefore, I've been tasked with finding another experienced rower (also a sculler) who shares his basic physical appearance, who is available on our shoot days & would be able to stand in for him while we compose our shots & perhaps even appear in some wider shots (the audience would not be able to tell the difference between the two men).  The details are below.  If you would be so kind as to distribute this info to anyone who you think might be interested in this paid opportunity, I would really appreciate it.  If you have additional questions, feel free to call me at 206.713.8018.  Thank you for your time!

Days needed: Sept 12th & 13th in the greater Seattle area.  We might also be able to consider people who are only available for one of those days.  We would probably need this person for 5+ hours in the morning (potentially very early) & another 5+ hours in the evening, with a break mid-day.

Physical description: Caucasian male, any age (over 18), approximately 6'3" & 200 lbs.  Lean, athletic build.  Short, straight, sandy, light brown or grey hair.

Applicants must send photos & details of their rowing experience to vanessarocks@....  The more experience, the better!  If they have video of themselves rowing, they should send that too.

If they do not have video, I will need to come meet them this week, this weekend or early next week to take a short application video of them rowing (this would take half an hour at the most).  I am very flexible in when & where I can meet people, but the client wants to book someone asap so the sooner the better.

The person who is chosen will receive payment of $1000 per shoot day, paid within 30 days after the shoot.  The $1000 includes both the morning shoot & the evening shoot.  If this person is needed on both days, they will make $2000.  There is no payment for creating the application video.

Applicants will not need to bring their own boat to the shoot on the 12th & 13th, however they will need access to a boat for the short application video.

Thank you very much!

Vanessa Eng
Casting Associate, World Famous
Workshops Chair, Women in Film Seattle
AIM: vanessaeng81
206.713.8018 (cell)
206.299.4294 (efax)