Seat2Ski race still needs volunteers

debbie natelson

Whoops -- moving across the country, I'm discovering some fall-out. Just found this email n my unsent Drafts..... belated, but the message is still applicable. My apologies Larry & Mel for the delay in sending this.

The legendary Sea2Ski race is rapidly approaching on May 26. I am sure many of you paddlers are already competing in the event (have in the past -- or hope to in future). While everyone appreciates how physically demanding the race can be, with 500 teams, 4,000 participants, a course of over 90 miles, and 7 different sport legs -- it is also one of the most challenging events imaginable from an organizational level.  I am in constant awe at how well they manage this year after year.  But the success of this herculean effort is largely dependent on the help of volunteers.  We at SoundRowers, while putting on our 15 - 18 own races year after year appreciate the incredible power, effectiveness -- and necessity of volunteers to make it all happen.   

Sea2Ski 2013 still very much needs some help.  Besides being a huge organizational effort -- it is also quite FUN and incorporates like-minded, fun loving people.  Just as our SoundRowers races provide exceptional training opportunities for those competing in Sea2Ski, you can view volunteering your time to Sea2Ski as a form of training -- and "how-to" clinic for putting on races. 
If you can spare some time, please give a little to the organization of this momentous event. To sign up, see the link below.
Sorry I won't be around, but Happy Sea2 Ski for any of you involved.

As the race participants for Sea2Ski and SoundRowers races can draw from the same pools of athletes, the S2S event organizers have graciously allowed us to include our annual Race Schedule and a flyer for the Lake Sammamish race, immediately folllowing Sea to Ski race the next weekend.  We are greatly appreciative of this cooperative effort (and thanks to Steve B, Larry B, Mel M, Mike L, and Todd S for initiating this effort).
Thanks all,