Bellingham Bay ROUGH Water Race Saturday, March 16

debbie natelson

Hope you've all been practicing in the winter winds  -- and that you are ready for the upcoming:

Bellingham Bay ROUGH Water Race.   Saturday, March 16th,  10:15 race start
  9:30 mandatory pre-race meeting.

5 mile Short Course (1 lap around the Bay)
10 Mile Long Course (2 laps around the Bay)

Race begins & ends at the  Trailer Boat Launch, Fairhaven District

I underline ROUGH because Bellingham Bay in March can be Really ROUGH.  This is really OPEN WATER with potentially powerful waves and swells
Rough water skills a must -- including self-rescue in COLD WATER

Please help our Race Director, Peter Marcus and his helpful volunteers organizing this race by PRE-REGISTERING.  Easy to do so on the SoundRowers website. 

You can change your mind day of, switch boats, but please help give the planners an idea of numbers of racers interested and types of boats.

Dress for Immersion..... Just in case.

Hope to see you there,

PFDs & Whistle must be worn on body (not just strapped to boat)
Leashes required for surfskis and OC's. 

But despite the admonitions, its a really FUN and EXCITING race.

visit the website for directions & more details