Another topic

Michael Lampi <lampi@...>

I started adding this as an addendum to Reivers' suggestion, and
then decided it needed its own venue. Perhaps it should be a topic
of discussion at the annual meeting.

In my view the next best technology improvement to our races
would be providing the race directors with a list of the current
Sound Rowers members, or implement the distribution of annual
Sound Rowers membership cards. With such a list or a card it would
be simple to verify whether or not a racer was truly a Sound Rowers
member and entitled to the race's member rate - and not have to fill
out another MRA insurance waiver again for that year.

This would mean, of course, that people who sign up for membership
at a race should be given a Sound Rowers card on the spot, and
that the membership information must be passed along to Jeff and
the money to Bill J. We would have none of this "My membership
got lost" and "My check is/was in the mail" if people signed up
at the races or if the membership applications were sent in
at least a couple of weeks in advance of the first race in which
one wanted to participate. Having a card would be proof that you
paid your dues and were entitled to the benefits provided by the

In general I know that most people have been honest as to whether
or not they truly are dues paying members. However, there were
many folks at the Lake Sammamish race who were not quite accurate
about their status...

--Michael Lampi