Race fees & dues

Reivers Dustin

Steve B. was being very sensible in presenting baseline costs. And I
see that the poll shows support for increased race fees. (Although
to my shame, I didn't get my vote in.) Maybe I can make up for it
now with this post.

Sound Rowers (SR) has greater stature than I realized. Over my 10-12
years of racing, I've just accepted the presence. However, there are
few races anywhere with SR's diversity of venues and participants.
Be of stout heart, officers and volunteers. The club should have
plenty of financial resources properly assessed to members and race
participants. (By the way, does SR have the IRS 503c tax
classification allowing for charitable contributions?)

SR has good value to offer. And, no matter how small the fee there
will be complaints and special circumstances. We tried in B'ham to
get a race club to catch on, but couldn't get the critical mass. My
highest regards to the officers and support volunteers in SR.

A very happy member,