Volunteers Requested for Lake Sammamish Race

Michael Lampi <lampi@...>

The Lake Sammamish race needs a few volunteers to make it a success. I
need a couple of people to handle registrations, sign setup and
removal, racer number spotting, timing and whatnot. Especially the
whatnot. :-)

I know that this is often handled in an ad hoc fashion at other SR
races, but as a newbie race director I need the warm & fuzzy feeling
of having the people ready for these tasks in advance of the day of
the event.

Also, as this is my first time directing I will NOT be racing; rather,
I'll be filling in where needed, ordering the pizzas (or whatever) for
the volunteers and, maybe, taking photos of the racers from the finish
line area.


Michael Lampi
(425) 861-6700 (office & cell #)
(425) 641-3941 (home)

P.S. Does anyone know who has the signs directing cars to the start of
SR races? Do I need to come up with my own?