La Conner photos updated

Michael Lampi <lampi@...>

I swear that there must be something strange going on in the vicinity
of Goat Island that has an effect on my digital camera.

This year the camera decided to change from JPEG image capture to RAW
image capture. This normally takes several different button presses
and menu operation to take place.

Last year in about the same location the camera started overexposing

The result of the RAW versus JPEG capture meant that my auto downloader
didn't recognize a bunch of photos. It was only when I went back to
double check why some photos weren't there that the problem was

Another weird thing is that the camera changed back to JPEG capture
when I switched memory cards for the shots at the hall.

Anyway, there are about 25 more photos from the return trip to the
finish line now available in the album.


--Michael Lampi