Seattle hosts 2005 PNW Wildwater Training Camp Feb. 26-27!

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From Jenny Goldberg:

Wildwater Training Camp*
*Febuary 26-27, 2004*

<>What's Wildwater Racing? It's the same as Downriver Racing.
Basically, there's no @#!$?! gates to get in your way! It's any event
on a whitewater river where the object is to find the fastest lines
through the rapids and take the shortest time to get from the upstream
start to the downstream finish. ** In 2005, the PNW is hosting 8
wildwater races as part of the NW Downriver Cup Series. Here's your
opportunity for a free introduction to this fun and challenging sport.

<>"Wildwater is at once one of the most physically demanding of
paddlesports, because it requires its participants to be strong over
the course of four to five miles of class three to four whitewater,
yet it also requires strategic acuity to balance raw power and speed
with execution and timing: zen-like cognition mixes with the burning
in the furnace".

Want to learn more? *A wildwater clinic will be held on Lake
Washington and on a local area river on the weekend of Febuary 26-27*,
*2005. * Day one will be a series of flatwater workouts and video
sessions, with coaching.
Day two will consist of several river runs and a time trial on the
river in the afternoon.

Learn stroke technique and some race strategy on day one, and river
running/water reading skills on day two.

Your coaches will consist of the best, reknown, and skilled wildwater
coaches and racers in the PNW, such as Seth Eisner, Matt Lutz, and
Andy Bridge.

Saturday will be appropriate for all ability levels, but Sunday may or
may not be held on a river appropriate to novice wildwater paddlers
(river selected will depend on water level, weather, and the skill
level of the majority of participants).

Cost: FREE
Contact Tom Wier at wierc1@... <mailto:wierc1@...> or
425-232-3038 to register. Lunch will be provided both days.
Tentative Schedule:
9:00 Meet at Seth Eisner's house on Mercer Island (intro and schedule
9:30 Long aerobic paddle
11:30 on-water paddling Intervals with video 12:30-2:30 Lunch and
video analysis <>3:00-4:00 video analysis and coaching; discussion of
next day's itinerary.
9:00 meet at river TBD
10:00 begin practice run #1
11:30 practive run #2
2:00 Time Trial on river

** The term *"wildwater"* in the old days was used synomously with
"whitewater." In the world of whitewater racing however, the Europeans
coined the phrase *"wildwater"* to mean racing against the clock
through class III-IV whitewater (about 4 miles) in those funny-looking
but fast fiberglass boats. For awhile, the same sport in "American"
was called
*"Downriver"* racing to differentiate it from the other whitewater
event, slalom. Now, even Americans use the term *Wildwater,* but often
keep the term *"Downriver*" to mean the same kind of race but in any
other type of whitewater boat other than the specialized *wildwater
*boat. Within the last half decade or so, the sport of *wildwater*
internationally has introduced *sprint* events in addition to the long
20 minute course. So you will often hear* "classic" wildwater* (the
old fashioned long race) and *"sprint" wildwater* (a 1.5 to 3 minute
race) as different types of *downriver* events<>

Jennie Goldberg
League of Northwest Whitewater Racers
3048 62nd Avenue SW
Seattle WA 98116-2706