Group Growth

Reivers Dustin

There is a clutch of folks in the NW paddling around. I think SR has
been more successful than most in opening the paddling/rowing

One thing to recognize is that we don't really have homogeneity.
Outriggers, traditional rowing craft, surfski's and others have
different areas of focus. It's amazing how fast the OC-1 and OC-2
groups are growing. This year OC-1's will be legal in the Ski to Sea
race. OK, so we don't have the group cohesion that some clubs have.
To me, that means focus on whatever common goals are shared.

Hmmmm. I think I've run out of wonderful insight. Except, good job
Sound Rowers. Don't reach too far, too fast. We need to maintain
the diversity of races. Maybe we can do some liason work with other
racing organizations, i.e. PNWORCA, or some groups in B.C.