Pic's & Video's

Reivers Dustin

Some time ago I had posted a luke-warm comment about Micheal's
pictures of Sound Rower races.

I would like to revise my feedback about that. These are excellent
material. I've gone back several times after races and looked for
people and events. I've captured some of the photo's and used them
to try to explain the beauty of the race experience to friends and
family. Those misty vista's at the start of the 'Round Shaw were
magical. Fun to see Dean B's crazy grin at the GXS awards ceremony

Another thing about this. I've got to acknolwedge that taking these
photo's is a bunch of overhead. Having a peddle craft and being able
to get the snaps is a small piece of the deal. Mr Lampi is donating
a hefty part of his race experience. It enriches the club's value.

Thanks Micheal,