Sound Rowers Web Server & Videos

Michael Lampi <lampi@...>

Sound Rowers Members,

It has not yet been complained about by our web hosting provider, but
the disk usage for the Sound Rowers site has gone beyond 1 GB.

Yeah, yeah, I know - it's mainly because of all the videos stored on
the site.

I was wondering if anyone actually looks at these videos. If so, does
anyone actually look at the *large* format videos? Those are the ones
that take up the most space.

I could host some or all on my personal web server just like last
year's photos, but the upload speed is at most 384 Kbps. This would
make the larger movies even harder to view.

Are there any suggestions?

Thank you.

Michael Lampi
Sound Rowers Photographer & Video Techie

Reivers Dustin

They have been a bit on the "novelty" side. I enjoyed them once or
twice, but haven't re-visited them.

It would make sense to me if these were thinned out.