FW: For Sale: Kayaks

Laura Jackson

This is a cross post from PDX Seakayaker. The Phantom used to be mine, and was in excellent condition when I last saw it.

Laura J.

From: "Mattson, Timothy G" <timothy.g.mattson@...>
I have to clean out my garage and hence, I need to get rid of some
wonderful kayaks. I have the following kayaks for sale:

Necky Phantom: in almost new condition - $1500

Seda Glider, Kevlar with rudder, clear coat (i.e. no gelcoat) to reduce
weight: heavily used but in good condition: $1000

Seda Tango, double kayak, fiber glass: In almost new condition, $2000

All three kayaks are stored indoors in Olympia Washington. Get in touch
with my by email (timothy.g.mattson@...) if you are interested.
If you don't know these boats, let me say a few words about them.

The Necky Phantom is an advanced racing boat for highly skilled paddlers
only. I love it, but the reality of my life these days is that I won't
be racing often enough to justify owning a pure speed boat. If you want
to race and want to compete with the surf skis using a boat you can
roll, this is the kayak for you. Its made of Kevlar and carbon fiber and
is amazingly light. It has a stern mounted rudder. The boat is
incredibly tippy and takes getting used to, but my god, its fast!!!!
Just for the record, the Phantom is worth far more than $1500, but I got
a good price on so I'm going to pass the bargain on to the community (as
long as it goes to a good home).

The Seda Glider is my favorite all around sea kayak. I love this boat
and will definitely shed tears as I watch it go away. Its 19 feet long
and very fast. I've had great success racing with this boat. With its
high volume, however, you can carry a huge amount of gear. This cruiser
is wonderful for long trips in the San Juans. The only downside is this
boat is not a good rough water boat. Its fine in tide races, deception
pass currents, and anything I've seen in the Puget sound, but its not
appropriate for the surf zone. And its not a high wind boat. It does
OK up to 25 knot winds (with a rudder to compensate for weather
cocking), but for really screaming winds over 30 knots, you'd find this
boat really hard to spin around. But then again, 99.9% of us have no
business paddling in such high winds so this probably isn't a big deal.
Finally, I am fat and find this boat roomy and comfortable for my 230
pound, flabby frame.

The Seda Tango is a great double kayak. At 21 feet long and 29 inches
wide, its very fast. It has done very well on the Puget sound racing
circuit. It has plenty of storage space as well so it would be good for
the kayak camping couple. One thing I adore with this boat is its
awesome secondary stability. I can lay this thing over on its side and
practically spin it on its axis (something my paddling partners don't
appreciate). It rolls nicely with a slow motion layback roll. This is
a double kayak for serious paddlers who don't want to compromise
paddling performance when moving from singles to doubles.


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