'Round Shaw

Reivers Dustin

Looking forward to this Saturday's race. My son and I will be on a
double surfski ("Millenium") owned by the Bellingham Race Club.
We've never been in salt water or in the boat more than a half-hour
at a stretch. So if conditions are "iffy" we'll resort to our
regular surfskis.

For some reason this race is a personal favorite. It's long, hard to
get to and quirky. Maybe because it's kind of an underdog race. It
almost died out, but has a really long history. One of the "founding
families" showed up in force last year from all over the West Coast
and did a huge BBQ after the race. I understand that it used to be
more of an "algea-sniffing" party in which participants lazily
paddled and stopped half-way around for a bite at a friendly

Hope to see many Sound Rowers there.

& Ryler