Bainbridge Marathon

evergreenrowing <steve@...>

Hi All,
I will be offering a Maas boats demo day on Bainbridge at Waterfront
Park following our race. One of each Maas boat will be on hand for
folks to try (sign up for 40 minute rows). I'll also have pairs of
Dreher Apex and Apex-R oars for rowers to try.

Since the boats will be on hand, and since I'm rowing my 24, all
other boats are available for the race. Let me know if you'd like to
borrow one of them... (Double, Flyweight, or Aero).

Due to this demo day commitment, I want to do the half-marathon. Can
anyone tell me the timing of the half-marathon (start time)? Knowing
the start time, I can schedule the demo day. Thanks for your help.

-- Steve Wells