Erie Canal Trip (fwd)


We made it across the country and successfully dropped the boat off in Buffalo,
NY. We survived high winds, severe thunderstorms, hail, lightning, just missed
a tornado, avoided bison, moose, antelope and prarie dogs! I have come to the
conclusion that when civilization finally collapes, it will look like Chicago
traffic. (That's the only place in 3300 miles that we had any real traffic
I plan to start rowing from the West Side Rowing Club in Buffalo on Monday,
July 7. They are located on the Niagara River just where it exits Lake Erie on
it's way to Lake Ontario. On the map, they are just south of the Peace Bridge
into Canada. There is a strong current at that point and the rowing club
operates behind a sea wall built for the shipping channel. When I asked if I
could row on the river side to take advantage of the current, the local coach's
eyes got wide and said that boats need a 150 horsepower motor to go against the
current. "But I don't want to go against the current", I replied.
I'll have a simple, but important, navigation turn on the first day. I have to
make a right turn (that's a starboard turn for the rowers) from the Niagara
River onto the Erie Canal. Miss that turn and the next stop is Niagara Falls.

1. In Yellowstone Park with all the gear
2. Niagara Falls- If you see the Falls, you've gone too far!

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That is just too cool for words! I'm envious! I look forward to sharing
your trip vicariously via email, which I'm more than happy to post to the SR


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Here is a map of my proposed trip on the Erie Canal. I'm going to
row/paddle from Buffalo to Hyde Park, NY (about 420 miles) in a modified
Alden Martin. I'll try to start sometime in the first week of July. I'll
send updates when I can or through Theresa.
Here is a link to the New York Canal system site: