American Lake Classic videos

Michael Lampi <lampi@...>

Hi folks,

The 15.9 minute(!) long race videos for American Lake have just joined
the pre-race videos:
60MB - 320x240 good quality
18MB - 320x240 low quality
6MB - 160x120 lower quality

I tried to get some of the lunch scenes included, but the MS software
I was using choked regardless of which Heimlich maneuver I tried.

Here are the URL's for the 10 minutes of pre-race videos:
320x240 good quality
320x240 low quality
160x120 lower quality

These can be viewed on Windows-based PC's.

I could check into trying to make them in MPEG-1 or MPEG-4 format, but
right now I don't have the software to do this.

--Michael Lampi

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