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The "official" La Conner photos are now up on the Sound Rowers web
site. I tell ya, some of you folks are quite photogenic!

After talking with more club members, I was rather surprised to find
out how many folks do not have broadband Internet access. It is a good
thing that I've been resizing the images and thumbnails to reduce the
amount of data being transferred over the net.

I modified the 2004 La Conner album to the "Exhibits Plus" format.
This is the same format that is being used for Beverly's photos,
or anyone else who wants to contribute photos to the Sound Rowers
web site. The application used to generate the album is called
JAlbum, which is a marvelous piece of free software available on
the 'net.

This should help folks with slower net access, as well as make it
a bit easier for everyone to see beforehand if a given photo is
what they want to see.

Comments pro/con/alternative are solicited.

--Michael Lampi

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