La Conner (and future) Photos

Michael Lampi <lampi@...>

The "official" La Conner photos are now up on the Sound Rowers web
site. I tell ya, some of you folks are quite photogenic!

After talking with more club members, I was rather surprised to find
out how many folks do not have broadband Internet access. It is a good
thing that I've been resizing the images and thumbnails to reduce the
amount of data being transferred over the net.

Still, this also means that lots of club members are missing out on
the opportunity to see themselves in "the big picture".

I'm happy to accommodate people who are interested in the original 5
megapixel photos (roughly 2.5 to 3.5 MB in size) to e-mail one or two
to them. However, if people would like to have all the full sized
photos for a given race it would require them to be on a CD-ROM. In
addition, if you have a DVD player it might be possible to play this
CD-ROM on your TV. The quality would suffer tremendously compared to a
PC monitor, unless you had HDTV, but it would be another way of
showing friends and family your exploits.

There would be some cost involved, but it could be done.

Is there any interest in getting the race photos on CD-ROM?

--Michael Lampi

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