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These are wonderful movies and photo's. But the movies are
hell. I have broadband (cable modem) and it takes a long time to
load. Is there a better way to view them? In the past I've been
able to right click and "save-as" in order to bypass application
up time.

There are times when it's really worth it. Last year's LaConner
was a ripper that perhaps the survivors would like to re-visit. On
the other hand, maybe those who's honor did not survive would just
soon forget that race.

I guess perhaps categorizing or naming the movies is important.
there any memory allocation considerations?

Lastly, I hope a few others in the group appreciate what you are
offering. No one else can physically do this (hands are busy) and
few of us have the equipment to do it. You get my vote for "cool
of the club" award.

Hi Reivers,

I'll try to answer your questions in the order they were asked.

1. When trying to download some of the movies during the day I see
about 600 to 800 Kbps transfer rates over my DSL using FTP,
which is about half my DSL bandwidth. I would guess you should
see about the same rate over your cable modem, if it is anything
like my cable modem.

2. The camera saves these movies in Apple's Quicktime format. So
far I have minimal utilities for editing or cleaning up these
movies. This will probably change over time.

Still, right now these movies can be accessed by either clicking
on the thumbnail link, or by right clicking on the link which
should bring up a menu. Clicking on the "save link target as"
(in Mozilla/Netscape) or "save target as" (MSIE) menu item
should let you do what you want with respect to starting the
download without requiring the Quicktime viewer application to
be running.

Note that this is somewhat different from the way you were
loading the pictures.

3. I agree. Some things are best forgotten, and others are made
better by the retelling. :-)

4. You might be right in that people might prefer movies to be
accessed via a different web page or set of web pages than
the photo page. I thought it might be better to organize
them chronologically, and I can't think of a reason not to
continue to this way.

Still, having another page or set of pages with direct
links to the movies with appropriate captions, of course,
is certainly something that could be done.

5. Right now the web server is limited to about 1 gigabyte of
storage. The clips I've placed on the
site range in size from 7.5MB to 44.5MB. The wavy movie is
about 14MB.

Personally, I think a lot of editing could be done to make
any of these and future movies retain the interesting parts
and remove the dull parts. This would help reduce the load.

Also, I do have access to nearly unlimited space on another
web server, The only problem there is the
network bandwidth is limited to 384Kbps. This is where all
my Sound Rowers photos are currently stores.

6. Thanks! I'm not sure I'll be setting any records this year,
however. It is too much fun snapping photos and taking movies.

Best regards,

Michael Lampi

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