Movie Dwnlds

Reivers Dustin


These are wonderful movies and photo's. But the movies are download
hell. I have broadband (cable modem) and it takes a long time to
load. Is there a better way to view them? In the past I've been
able to right click and "save-as" in order to bypass application load
up time.

There are times when it's really worth it. Last year's LaConner race
was a ripper that perhaps the survivors would like to re-visit. On
the other hand, maybe those who's honor did not survive would just as
soon forget that race.

I guess perhaps categorizing or naming the movies is important. Are
there any memory allocation considerations?

Lastly, I hope a few others in the group appreciate what you are
offering. No one else can physically do this (hands are busy) and
few of us have the equipment to do it. You get my vote for "cool guy
of the club" award.


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