Boats and paddles for sale


Sterling, of Sterling's Kayaks & Fiberglass of Bellingham, has 2
Twogood surf skis, a Joe Bark-crafted paddleboard, and 2 wing
paddles for sale. Please call Sterling directly if you are
interested: 360-398-2410

I will post pictures in a photo album titled: Sterling's Paddle Gear
For Sale


Brand new Twogood Surfski $1000
Length 19'6", beam 17.5"
24 pounds
surf lay-up (S-glass foam core)
color: white with yellow seam tape
non-adjustable, fits a paddler between 5'8" and 5'10"

Great condition Twogood Surfski $750
Length 18'4", beam 19.5"
32 pounds
surf lay-up (S-glass foam core)
color: Blue and white
non-adjustable, will fit a paddler between 5'10 and 6'
comes with hatch and GPS mount
Stable kayak, `fish form' shape with widest point near your feet.


Bark Paddleboard: $1500
Beautiful all-carbon fiber paddleboard with red, Hawaiian flower
pattern inlaid in the deck.
Tiller steering
Comes with ankle leash
24 pounds


2 Wing paddles
Lengths: 214 and 216
$175 each
Currently no feather, non-adjustable, but Sterling will set them to
any feather for no extra cost.

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