New Year's Paddle

Reivers Dustin

It was a cool paddle on B'ham bay. A large clutch of W.A.K.E.
(Whatcom Area Kayak Enthusiat) paddlers launched before the Sound
Rower group for a hot meal across the bay.

The Sounders headed out of the bay and South to Chuckanut Island and
back. It was a dis-connected group of about a half-dozen mostly over-
dressed paddlers with one rogue rower in evidence. An OC-1 and an OC-
2 rounded out the gaggle.

The outbound leg was fun with a breeze and wave push. Coming back
was a slog against the cool breeze and some rebound around the
floating dry-dock.

Lunch later at the Colophon Cafe was good. It took a long time for
the warm coffee to reach down to my cold feet. But trading just a
few of the usual insults with the gang warmed my paddling spirit up
right away.


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