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Michael Lampi <lampi@...>

Thanks for the info on the drinking systems, Guy. The prices
seem quite reasonable.

Do they make the water taste like plastic?

Maybe next year I won't have so many water & juice bottles
rolling around the cockpit of my boat!

--Michael Lampi

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These folks have the pieces are parts that can be
assembled to a nice drinking system:

I had them make me a shorter version of their bite
valve drinking tube. Their neck strap (with the wire
inside) does a good job at keeping the mothpiece
within reach. I use Platypus Big-Zip containers and
put them under the bungies on the back deck of the ski
or behind the seat of my kayaks (also attached with a
bungie so it doesn't slide). It just takes a second to
slip the tube through the skirt top and velcro it onto
the neck strap as I get in so I usually don't think
twice about it. Wearing a half gallon of water on you
pfd raises the center of gravity more then I like and
messes up rotation.

I also have (but have not installed) the SA Tripper
hydration system that goes on the deck infront of you
on the ski. It looks to be well made but I am
skeptical at how you would keep the permantly mounted
bladder clean so I haven't used it. It is well thought
of in SA Ski circles though. OceanPaddlesports sells 1
and 3 litre sizes

Hope this helps.

--- dlkjr@... wrote:
On a similar note, has anyone rigged up a workable
hands-free hydration system for
use with their surfski (or decked kayak)? How do
you keep the tube/mouthpiece near
your mouth? Where do you put the water bag?
Benefits and disadvantages?

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