cold weather clothes

Laura Jackson

As primarily a year round ski paddler, I like the "fuzzy rubber" bottoms made by companies like NRS or wyoming wear. I was given a pair of the new Nike mid-height paddling booties, and they are very warm and comfortable to walk around in, also. For tops, I was really lovin' my Lotus shirt that I think was called "core skin" along with the Lotus/Patagonia top called "EKG", but I think they've been discontinued. I recently got a zip front polypro top from JL Racing, and that is rapidly becoming my favorite cold-day shirt. My husband, who paddles a trad sea kayak, loves his JL tights and shirts, under the EKG top for his winter paddling workouts.

For cold day rowing, nothing beats my JL Racing uni-tights, with a polypro or coolmax top underneath. Our women's 4 went rowing this AM at 37 degrees and were all toasty in our mix n match JL's.

Laura Jackson

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