Cascade Race photos now online

Michael Lampi <lampi@...>

It was a long day for me Saturday, and today I was distracted by
taking the kids to trick-or-treat at the waterfront.

Anyway, most of the photos are now on the SR web site at

I have to check to see what happened to the last shots of Paul
stranded in the safety boat, paddling back to the dock. There should
be one or two more.

Also, some of the shots in the middle appear a bit foggy. The
dessicant in the waterproof casing was not up to the task of keeping
the condensation down. The greenhouse effect and the cool breeze
conspired against it.

There are no shots of the awards ceremony as the camera battery gave
out just beforehand. That's why there were no shots of me actually
towing Paul in, either. :-(

--Michael Lampi

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