Re: Sound Rowers board meeting

Reivers Dustin

Well phoey. I didn't see this message in time. I had carpooled down
and wasn't sure if the fella that drove would be willing to wait for
me or attend the after race session.

I enjoyed the race and mixing with acquantances. It was fun to kid
around with Vern and Steve during the race. The awards were a little
dis-organized. But, having burgers afterwards was really great.

My hat is off to the SR staff for dealing with business. Wish I could
have listened in.


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Marty Myers will conduct a meeting of SR officers, trustees and race
directors after the Cascade race tomorrow. Actually both our
and treasurer are out of the country, so I have offered to act as
secretary for this meeting. Unless Marty declares this a closed
meeting, I see no reason why those not included in the above
categories aren't welcome to sit in. Hopefully we can sort through
wealth of ideas and information and arrive at a concise agenda for
Dec. 3 annual meeting.

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