Race timing and results sorting, no computer

zeke_hoskin <zeke@...>

What we could use is a set of narrow strips of whiteboard, one per
boat, clipped or Velcroed to a backing. Everybody signing in puts
their name(s) and boat number and class on a strip. The timers have
the strips stuck up as one or two big sheets on easels. (They could be
pre-sorted in predicted finishing order to make finding boats quicker.
Probably better to have them in numerical order. But then, we could
pre-print the class and boat number on a set of strips so the faster
classes had lower numbers . . .)

After the timers have put the finishing time on the strips, the
organizer pulls them off the frames and sorts them by class. Since
they belong to SR, they don't disappear after the race, and they don't
get erased until the results have been posted.

A system vaguely like this has worked well for organizing emergency

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