Re: race timing

Laura Jackson

There is a program used in rowing called Regattamaster, written by a rower here in Portland, Steve Jensen. The package costs $350 or $400, and can be used to manage a club (dues paid, membership mailing roster, classes of membership, etc), as well as regattas (including things like age handicapping). I have used it to time both sprint rowing races and head races, and it's relatively easy to use. I believe this is the package they use to time the Corvallis-Portland Row (CPR), which involves multiple genders and boat classes, as well as many separate legs over 2 days.

While the program is currently specific to rowing classes, Steve said it would be easy to add a variety of kayak classes or outriggers or ???.

Steve may also be willing to sell SoundRowers a more limited use version that would simply be race timing and allow for multi-leg or multi-day races.


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