OAR Northwest


Hello Sound Rowers, we wanted to give an update on our project and let everyone know
about a new feature on our website. First for the update:

We are outfitting out boat with slides, seats and foot stretchers (thanks Pocock) as well as
riggers (thanks Jeff K and Mike Y) anti-fouling paint, and water ballast. The launch date is
set for November 7th with the location yet to be decided (somewhere around lake union/
Elliott bay marina) The boat will look very different to those of you that say it after the
Mercer Island Row. Anyone interested in working on the boat these next weekends feel
free to send an e-mail to northwestrowers@...

Party on Nov 10th at the Atlantic Crossing pub in Seattle on Roosevelt and 65th. More to
come on this, but for now let's just say Guinness Girls, a raffle that includes an
autographed guitar by a very well known band (more on this later...) and t-shirt giveaways.

As for the Website, we have a discussion forum that you're more than welcome to share
you thoughts, predict the number of days the crossing takes, who gets thrown overboard
first, how we should build riggers, what color we should paint the boat and just about any
topic of conversation fancy. You can get to the discussion board via our
website (www.OARnorthwest.com) or click on over to:


That's all for now. We'll see you at the Cascade Race


Brad and the OARNW guys

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