warm us up a little

Reivers Dustin

I had expected a more lively discussion thread amoungst this group.
Maybe I'll try going first. In the past, responses to my posts have
been sent to my email which breaks the discussion off (no one else
can converse). Do we lack a moderator or something?

Excellent idea from Jeff K. in using Excel to get race times
organized. Even better to use PDA's for this (I don't want to risk
my laptop around the finish line). I'll look for a Palm OS version
of the software (anyone find this already?).

On the world wide Yahoo group site for surfski's a Seattle lady was
asking about a starting surfski. I sent her the Sound Rower's web

Is anyone here proud of their cold weather clothing system? I'm
leaning toward dry suit bottom w/ windbreaker top. Someone told me
they use the cheapo rubber-coated cotton gloves just fine.

Whatup y'all?

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