Re: Race timing

Steve Bennett


The Cascade race used timing software last year. I know nothing
about the system, and assume that it was experimental. It might be
interesting for you to look at the results as posted on the SR
website as they show either the limitations of the system used or the
application of that system:

The timing system used doesn't appear be able to include "place in
class", which should be listed and is of immediate importance to the
race director for the purpose of awarding ribbons. The program ought
also to be able to present names first names first, and not show
times in hundredths of a second or display unnecessary zeroes in the
hours column. It also ought to allow for the race director to make
corrections such as time adjustments for late starters, and text
corrections such as spelling of name.

Also could you forward back to me the email I sent you yesterday
regarding OC-1? I'd like to remember what I was thinking, don't know
how to retrieve "sent" messages that were sent privately from a group
site. Thanks.

Also thanks for the complimentary posting about Sound Rowers at
whatcompaddlers. I am taking the liberty of pasting it here so that
our folks can appreciate your perspective, and our own group even


Reivers' whatcompaddlers posting:

There is a lot going on for the Soundrowers (SR) leadership. There is
a very active discussion going on about Race Insurance, SR sponsorship
rules, Future Race Calendar, SR services for the more remote
locations, and much more.

With the increased popularity of the sport in Bellingham, SR is
looking for synergy. Probably not many of us want to be club officers
(all hail Yost for being a SR president!). However, what will help
all involved is to monitor the Soundrower Yahoo group and throw in
your two bits when you can.

There is nothing quite like the Soundrowers organization anywhere
else. They have played a key role in many of us participating in this
hobby. Help it along in any small way that you can.


--- In SoundRowers@..., "Reivers" <reivers@c...> wrote:

Has anyone messed with race timing software at an SR race? (Er,
besides the San Juan Challenge.)

I know there are some high end packages out there for major relays
multi-segment races. However, It might be useful to SR if there is
proven *simple* system for non-technical volunteers. There are two
that I have heard about that simplify the competitors' finish
These utilize hand-helds (Palm, etc.) to collect data, then synch
to a Windows program.

I know this is in conflict with minimalism and low yearly dues. We
might find that post race delays are enough of an irritant to
a solution. In past years, when the last Lake Sammish racer
the results were up within minutes. It seems as the entries exceed
or so, the results get unwieldy.

I can find out later about how the SJC was managed, I've taken a
position at Paccar. They provided tech support for that event.


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