Hey Sound Rowers... Visit the OARnorthwest.com BB


Hi Everyone,

We were excited to be able to show off the ocean rowing boat to those of you who raced at
the Medina/Mercer Is. race last weekend. Thanks for the great race!

If anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, or you want to learn more about
OAR Northwest and next year's cross-Atlantic race, visit our website (http://
www.OARnorthwest.com) and take a look around. We have an online web journal & a
bulletin board system you can use to interact with us with questions, etc. Feel free to
shoot an email, too, if you like.

See you at the Cascade Distance Race!

Greg Spooner
OAR Northwest

email: northwestrowers@...
web: http://www.OARnorthwest.com
phone: 206-795-4184

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